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In 2001 Liza Hendley Betz had an idea.  In the States for over 5 years, she still found herself missing Ireland.  Liza wanted to help the Irish in Central Kentucky, both long-standing residents and those just "fresh off the boat," have a bit of home close at hand.  And to Liza, nothing said home like Irish sausages. So from that simple idea -- sell sausages to the local Irish and eat the profits -- Fáilte was born!

16 years and two locations later, Fáilte is now Lexington's first stop for everything Irish. A wide variety of food, clothing, jewelry and gifts can all be found in our cozy location on South Upper.  And the store has also become very involved with supporting and growing the local Irish community.

Every March, Fáilte helps organize Lexington's St. Patrick's Day Festival, and the store now sponsors sending a Kentucky girl over to Ireland to participate in the Rose of Tralee International Festival.

So when you're in the neighborhood, please stop by for a visit!  We'd love to learn about your connection to Ireland, and show you all the store has to offer. And of course when you're feeling homesick, we've got the sausages ready and waiting!


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Fáilte Irish Import Shop
113 South Upper Street
(Beside McCarthy's Irish Bar)
Lexington KY 40507-1645
Phone: 859-381-1498